Colour vision defective (CVD) individuals are often incorrectly referred to as being ‘colour blind’.  As pilots, we are often asked, ‘how can you be a pilot if you’re colour blind?’  Very few individuals are colour blind in the true sense.

Whilst there is no doubt, by definition, CVD individuals have reduced ability to name colours and to discriminate between certain colours, it is our firm belief that when it comes to flying aeroplanes…It simply does not matter!

The decisions of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Federal Court of Australia) vindicated this proposition after conducting what is still the most comprehensive, thorough and impartial examination of all evidence pertaining to the Aviation Colour Perception Standard.

That same evidence and much more collected over the last twenty-three years is available to challenge other aviation authorities around the globe.  In Australia, we now have thousands of CVD affected pilots operating safely at the highest levels of the industry including as international airline captains.  It is our goal to use these examples as positive influences to bring about change in the rest of the world.

There is no place in aviation safety regulation for the confused approach that currently characterises the aviation colour perception standard – it is simply wrong, unnecessary and completely discriminatory.

We invite you to explore our website and study the facts and read the testimonies.  With your support, CVDPA will work to achieve the same successes internationally.

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