Colour Vision Defective Pilots Association

Colour vision defective (CVD) individuals are often incorrectly referred to as being ‘colour blind’.  As pilots, we are often asked, ‘how can you be a pilot if you’re colour blind?’  Very few individuals are colour blind in the true sense.

Whilst there is no doubt, by definition, CVD individuals have reduced ability to name colours and to discriminate between certain colours, it is our firm belief that when it comes to flying aeroplanes…It simply does not matter!


The CVDPA’s Mission is to:

  • Fight for the rights of all colour vision defective pilots to have an unrestricted career path by challenging the Aviation Colour Perception Standard.
  • To show that the aviation colour perception standard is founded on discredited assumptions and has no evidentiary basis.
  • Establish a fighting fund from donations, subscriptions, grants and sponsorship that will be used to fund challenges to the aviation colour perception standards in all worldwide jurisdictions.
  • Promote and disseminate the outcomes of two existing pivotal court cases in Australia where most CVD pilots now enjoy full and unrestricted careers, at all levels of professional aviation.
  • Give voice and organization to the countless thousands of CVD individuals and work to secure an end to irrational regulation.
  • CVDPA responds to CASA CVD testing consultation
    Calling all CVDPA members, supporters and those in the aviation industry! CASA has now opened consultation on a proposed legislative instrument which will see the reinstatement of an operational test, the passing of which will result in a clean medical with no CVD related restrictions. CVDPA by and large supports…

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